"With the magnets, I was able to actually see the reaction and/or process taking place right before my eyes. For once, I was able to fully understand what was going on in the process instead of just memorizing a bunch of words out of the text book."
Sara Michienzi, Student
Biology Teaching Tools
Membrane / Protein Kit
DNA / RNA Protein Kit
Protein Folding / Enzyme
About VIRTmac
VIRTmac (Visual Interactive Revolutionary Tactile Magnetic Classroom) represents the modern evolution of the classroom learning experience. Offering a comprehensive teaching tool designed for simplified instruction, VIRTmac will transform the way you teach biology.
A series of magnetic models demonstrate how the same molecules are used over and over again in different biological processes, giving students a more complete visual picture of cell biology. More >>
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"In thirty years, I have seen nothing that
rivals this as a means of enabling students
to discuss the chemical process of life."
James W. Ross
President Ontario Assoc. of Physics Teachers
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